When it comes to any form of renovation in the home, there’s one important question which we all ask: how much is it going to cost? And that’s not just a monetary question either, as time consumption is a crucial factor as well. How much money am I going to need, and how much time will I have to set aside for the project? In this article we’re going to explore the average cost of a new kitchen. 

Of course, it all depends on just how luxurious a kitchen you would like, how much work you will be able to do yourself and whether or not you will need assistance with the design process. Most people, taking work and homelife into consideration, prefer to hire the professionals to handle all aspects on their behalf, – in which case, it’s going to cost a fair amount. 

That being said; just as with everything in life, you have to speculate to accumulate. So, while it is important to be realistic about what you can afford, you should also weigh up the benefits of having a brand-new kitchen and the quality of life that it will afford you in the long-run.

renovated kitchen

Let’s Talk Money 

It’s all very well yapping on about how ‘you can’t put a price on a beautiful kitchen’, but as we all know, nothing in life comes for free. So, how much money are we talking? 

Well, first of all you should break it down into the 5 key aspects of a kitchen renovation:

1 – Worktops

2 – Splashbacks

3 – Cabinets

4 – Tradesman 

5 – Appliances 

Realistically, you could be looking at anywhere between $17,000 and $45,000 (even more if you want to go extremely luxurious) – But for the most part, you’ll find that you can have an awesome renovation for somewhere in between those two figures above. If you roll with a fair and reputable renovation company; you will be able to get the most out of your money. (Which is why shopping around is an essential part of the renovation process.) 

What Can You Afford? 

If you find that your budget is a fair bit lower, then don’t panic! There are always ways of getting things done, you just have to be realistic. Which means, making sacrifices, going for cheaper appliances and trying to handle much of the DIY work yourself. – Then again, you mustn’t attempt any DIY unless you’re confident that you can carry out the work safely and effectively. 

There’s nothing worse than attempting a DIY project only to do more harm than good, ultimately having to spend more money on tradesman to come in and rectify the mess that you’ve made! Simply put, do not bite off more than you can chew. 

With enough planning and some careful consideration, you will be able to build the kitchen of your dreams on a reasonably modest budget. But in order to do so, you’re going to have a spend a little more time doing your research and shopping around.

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