Having a private swimming pool in your back garden is like having a slice of true luxury on your doorstep, but a swimming pool is a deceptively complicated thing.  There are plenty of important design decisions that are needed to ensure that the pool is not only usable and enjoyable but also safe and functional as well.  

Similar considerations are also required if you are seeking to renovate an existing pool as you might need to alter some of the original design decisions to bring your pool up to modern standards or simply wish to improve upon the way it was initially designed.  In these situations it is always best to consult a swimming pool renovation company to make sure that you get the best result from your existing pool, but when designing from scratch, there is plenty to think about.


swimming pool

The shape of your pool will be one of its most striking features, so making sure that you get the shape you want is important.  Of course, you also need to make sure that you choose a shape that fits your space and your budget as costs can quickly rise if you start looking at more exotic shapes.  A simple cuboid shaped pool will almost certainly be the most cost effective solution, but not necessarily the most interesting.


Going hand in hand with the shape of the pool is the space that you plan on fitting it into; obviously there is no point in budgeting for an olympic sized swimming pool if you don’t have the space for one.  It is important to remember that space planning is a three dimensional consideration, so not only the surface space needs to be considered, but also the depth of the space as well.  Any underground services that are in the way will need to be professionally relocated before construction can begin, so a survey is vital to make sure you don’t have any nasty surprises.

Pump and filtration housing

A pool is not a simple hole filled with water, it also needs pumping and filtration systems to ensure that the water is kept hygienic and safe.  These mechanisms will vary in size along with the pool due to the volume of water they are required to handle, but ensuring there is enough space to house them is essential.


The final look of the pool will probably be one of the first things that you think about as you will have seen countless examples of finished pools and this will have informed your decisions when designing this one.  The colours and materials used in the finishing of the pool and the surrounding area are just as important as the shape when it comes to the way the pool looks and feels.  Getting these features right, along with a bit of landscaping, can elevate a generic pool to an amazing pool as if it feels good to use, then very little else will matter in the long run.

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