The 3 and Only Reasons You Need to Favour Used Car Parts

Running and maintaining a vehicle has never been cheap. In fact, we all know that the moment you drive your car off the forecourt, that you’ve already lost a couple of grand (not to mention the initial cost for the car as well!) – It’s a stressful industry, which is made easier and more affordable if you are open to the idea of buying used car parts for maintenance and repairs. In this post, we’re going to look at 3 reasons to favour used car parts.

The fact is, we live in a very wasteful society where everyone is obsessed with buying brand-new all of the time. Well, not everything has to be brand-new. In fact, more often than not, you can buy something used for a fraction of the cost, with equal quality.

1 – Used car parts are significantly cheaper

Think about the average cost of a Ferrari. Then think about how much it would cost to run it on the fuel consumption alone. Then think about what sense there is in buying brand-new, ridiculously expensive parts, only to have them hidden underneath the hood. We understand that for many people, owning an expensive car is about the status. It feels good! But if no one is going to know whether or not your replacement fuel gauge is brand-new or used, then why not save yourself a bit of money?

Of course, the amount of money you will save highly depends on the nature of the used part. If you’re picking any old piece up from a scrap yard, then it comes at a risk. There’s no guarantee that the part is going to be in complete working order. If on the other hand; you purchase used parts through a reputable vendor; then you know that you’ll be getting a part which has been refurbished to a safe and functional level.

2 – Essential for maintaining older vehicles

Once the demand for a certain car part falls below a certain point, manufacturers will stop making them all together. So, like it or not, if you want to maintain a particularly old vehicle, you’ll likely have no choice but to buy used auto parts. However, there are reputable companies out there, such as Cavalino Motorsport, who specialise in making ‘brand-new’ replicas of discontinued Ferrari parts. It will require a fair amount of research and shopping around, but with the right approach you should be able to find an auto part for practically any vehicle. – It’s just a matter of price.

3 – Do your bit for the environment

It’s something to think about when you’re blasting around in your fancy sports car that does 12 miles to the gallon; giving back a little bit. By opting for used car parts, you’ll be significantly reducing the amount of energy that goes into producing new parts. In fact, it is estimated that in the U.S alone; upwards of 80 million barrels of oil are saved each year, due to the sale of used auto parts. It’s a cheap and easy way to feel a little bit better about yourself, knowing that you’re doing your small bit for the environment.

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