If you’re a lover of gadgets and you want to modernise your vehicle, then we’ve a number of exciting items to explore in this article. Some of them you will likely have already heard of, however are you fully aware of the benefits that come with having them?

These items can not only make driving safer but enhance your overall experience as well. They are perfect for families who’d like to minimise the amount of squabbling in the car and perfect for those who spend a lot of time on the road! As voted by reputable car-audio and gadgets specialist; let’s take a look at some of these awesome, must have car electronics:

1 – The “Dash-Cam”

Whilst the dash-cam has been around for many years, there are still a number of drivers who haven’t bothered investing in one. Whilst they vary in quality and price, you should almost certainly look into it. So, what are the benefits of having a dash cam?

Well, for one thing, you’re more likely to get cheaper car insurance, as insurance companies do favour vehicles with dash cams that can provide irrefutable proof of any incident as it occurs.

Additionally, you can even sync the footage to your phone instantly, allowing you to share videos with friends or the authorities immediately. It’s a must have, particularly if you’re careful driver and don’t want to suffer for other people’s reckless actions.

2 – Rear-view camera

A rear-view camera serves a number of purposes, for example: they be used to record incidents where other drivers smash into the back of your vehicle. Additionally, rear-view cameras can be incredibly helpful when trying to park your car in a tricky spot. If you’re not the most confident driver and you find it difficult to judge the distance between an obstacle and the back of your vehicle; then a rear-view camera will be incredibly helpful.

You can even combine a rear-view camera with “parking-sensors”. Again, these aren’t a particularly new feature, though they’re certainly worth investing in. If you want to avoid any collisions at all costs, then these little bleepers will be a huge help when parking up in tight, public spaces.

3 – USB charger port

Yes, most modern cars are fitted with one or two USB charger ports, but how does that help a carful of tech-addicts? A simple USB extension port can be plugged into your vehicle and charge up to 4 devices at a time. That way, nobody has to fight over charging their phone or i-Pad and you can drive in relative peace. It’s a no-brainer!

4 – Air purifiers

Gone are the days of having sickly-smelling dice hanging from your rear-view mirror. Now you can invest in quality air purifiers which essentially neutralise airborne contaminants as opposed so simply making the smells with another, stronger smell. – These gadgets are perfect for anyone with allergies or those who have a tendency to travel with people who don’t hold back when it comes to farting in the car. (We all have that one mate!)

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