Family homes are just that, a space for you and your family to live and grow together.  But there are times when the home isn’t quite big enough to meet your needs, or maybe a family member requires a bit more space or a space with extra features such as disability access.  

This is when you might wish to consider building a secondary dwelling on your property, assuming you have the space of course so here is a breakdown of a few reasons you may find yourself considering building a secondary dwelling.

You have a teenager

You have a teenager

We all know how difficult it can be living with a teenager, so what if you had the option to put them in their own little building, safely tucked away in your garden?  

You could teach them the value of being self-reliant and give them their own space whilst at the same time.  All the while you get to have them out of your house and get your peace and quiet, which you will have earned by raising them this far, back.

An elderly or sick relative needs to stay with you long term

An elderly or sick relative needs to stay with you long term

There are unfortunate times in life when sickness and other such circumstances require our loved ones to need more support than they can have living by themselves.  

So rather than completely take away their autonomy, building a secondary dwelling can give them the space to live independently whilst still enabling you to care for them when necessary.

You regularly have long term guests

You regularly have long term guests

Perhaps you open your house up to older foster children, foreign students, those in need or you just like having friends and relatives come to stay.  

If this is the case, perhaps a secondary dwelling can help your guests have their own space so that your house remains your sanctuary and you don’t have to worry about all the little things having house guests can normally bring.

There are many fantastic companies that offer secondary dwellings at very competitive rates, and they will always be able to find a solution that fits your space requirements.  

These custom buildings are of excellent, ergonomic construction and offer a light and airy living space that should suit anyone’s needs.  

Companies usually offer a range of predesigned structures that can be quickly assembled and are ready for occupation in a very short time frame as well as being able to accommodate custom builds.  

Whatever your reasoning, if you are looking to add space to your home, a secondary dwelling is definitely worth considering.  It will add to your space whilst retaining individuality and privacy for those that use it, they look great and are modern and energy efficient.  

So rather than just think about building a conservatory, why not investigate the benefits of a secondary dwelling.

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