No matter what it is that you’re loading or unloading onto a vehicle, or a truck, you should always be extra cautious. There are many dangers that come with it, particularly for items that are especially heavy. This is why it is paramount, that you abide by a certain set of rules, in order to keep you and your colleagues safe. Additionally, it’s about maintaining your property and ensuring that you don’t cause any irreparable damage.

So, what are the safety rules to live by, then using an aluminium loading ramp? Let’s start with the basics:

1 – Secure the ramp properly

This might sound rather daft and self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised by how many accidents occur due to a loose aluminium ramp which haven’t been secured properly. When using a loading ramp, you must ensure that they are fully attached using a chain and hook, or safety straps. Triple check your attachments before proceeding with the loading and unloading process.

2 – Always use common sense

Something which not everyone has the pleasure of possessing, though something which is definitely required when it comes to health and safety. Simply put: if something doesn’t feel safe, don’t do it. For example, reversing a mechanical vehicle up a ramp is definitely not a good idea and is certainly not worth the risk.

Forklift on loading dock close up isolated on white background

3 – Low and long: words to live by

If you wish to complete the loading task safely and to come out the other-end unscathed, then low and long are the words to live by. If your ramps are short and the gradient is too steep, then you will invariably run into issues when loading. Don’t risk it! Invest in longer aluminium ramps, and then load her up slowly and carefully. If the gradient is too steep, then you’re going to tip your load which can cause all-manner of problems!

4 – Don’t fall off the ramp!

Yea, so this is definitely a given. However, if you’re struggling to stay on the ramp, then you definitely need wider ones. You should never load a vehicle using a ramp that is too small to carry out the task safely and effectively. If the wheels or tracks of your mechanical equipment is veering over the edge, then you’re in big trouble.

5 – Always clean the ramp before hand

A simple inspection of the ramp followed by a wipe down with a cloth is the way forward. You don’t want to be loading anything using a wet or slipper ramp. If you fail to clean your equipment, then you could end up having to pay drastically for the consequences. Be safe!


If you buy some high-quality loading ramps from a reputable company, then you shouldn’t run into too many issues. Of course, you must abide by these 5 rules, however the quality will take care of the rest!

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